Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter 11 Answers

1. Why is Annabeth upset with Percy for risking his life on the bus?
    Annabeth was mad at Percy for staying on the bus and saving Grover and her.

2. What does Aunty Em look like when she opens the door?
    She is wearing a black Vail with a headdress that covered her hair and her face.

3. How does Percy explain why he went into the garden gnome emporium? Does this explanation make
sense to you?
    Percy smelt burgers and other food.

4. Why does Grover start to get nervous at the emporium? (There are several reasons)
    Grover says he smells monsters. He also see's his Uncle Ferdanan in stone form.

5. How can you tell that Percy isn’t thinking straight after he eats his meal?
    He is tired and is arguing with Annabeth and just doing everything Mudusa( Aunty em) says.

6. Did you guess Aunty Em’s true identity before Percy did? If so, what clues gave her away?
    I did guess who her true identity. The whole garden gnome-concrete thing.

7. Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa? Why can’t they just run away?
    Annabeth says that they need to kill her because she will keep turning insist people into stone. 

8. Medusa’s head doesn’t disintegrate along with the rest of her. Why not?
    It becomes a spoil of war just like the minotaur horn.

9. What important information does Percy find in Medusa’s office?
 Percy finds the entrance to the underworld.

10. Why do you think Percy sends Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus? Do you think this is a good idea?
      I think Percy is saying are you proud of me Dad. I don't think it was a good idea.


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    5. well for the first one is wrong because annabeth was mad because if percy died the quest would be over and have no meaning to it also it was only the time annabeth can see the real world.

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